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100% Organic Kashmir Acacia White Honey

Net Quantity: 250g, 500g & 1 Kg

Organic Kashmir Himalayan White Honey is one of the rarest varieties of white honey in the world. It is collected from the forests of Kashmir and the quantity produces is quite small. It has a very distinct taste and aroma. This honey is not pasteurized (which degrades the enzymes, minerals, and vitamins), not ultra-filtered - which removes the pollen and its benefits. It is not a blend of different kinds of honey unlike the supermarket honey.

It is produced by bees that aren't given antibiotics and is Produced by bees that are fed on their own honey & not on sugar. It is collected from an environment with almost nil pollution levels (known as paradise on earth). White honey doesn’t exactly look white. Instead, it’s a very light amber or an almost clear “water-white” color.

Health Benefits of White Honey

1. Rich in antioxidants

2. Excellent cough suppressant.

3. Heals Wounds

4. Boosts immune system

5. Helps in weight loss


Without Lable Also available for Brand Owners

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Note: For Without Lable MOQ 16 pcs for 500g & 25 pcs for 300g (each item)

Zohran Organic Kashmir Acacia White Honey

PriceFrom ₹425.00

Shop Minimum MRP 16700 & GET40% Distributor Margin

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