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ZOHRAN®, is a natural products selling company and we firmly believe that natural products, as we define them, are safer and more effective than products made with ingredients not found in nature, and we’ve always believed this. Natural has been the cornerstone of our company since our beginning in 2018.

How we keep it natural

When assessing ingredients for compliance with our definition of natural we utilize the following criteria:

  1. Supplier requirements – Our suppliers are made aware of our purchase terms and conditions from the start, and we take the necessary steps to ensure these requirements are adhered to. For example, we monitor and restrict the use of irradiated materials and require detailed flow charts to analyse production methods.

  2. Testing – With a state-of-the-art laboratory complex and some of the most advanced analytical instrumentation currently available, we’re able to detect a vast array of adulterants including synthetic hormones and steroids, solvents, synthetic forms of botanicals, and many other compounds and substances.

  3. Audits - We audit our key suppliers to ensure their manufacturing and processing procedures are effective and efficient, and that they adhere to best practices when it comes to natural ingredients, such as good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Since raw material suppliers are not currently required to follow GMPs as product manufacturers are, these audits also ensure that our suppliers are rigorously following GMPs, which helps us ensure consistently high standards.

  4. Nature-identical ingredients - Where it makes sense, we use nature-identical ingredients that exactly match the natural ingredient’s chemistry, or other ingredients that the body can easily convert into a natural form.


For us natural isn’t just a word or a marketing tool. It’s woven into the fabric of our culture. Since 2018 we’ve been making premium quality natural products at affordable price.

So the next time you shop for natural products, you can have a little extra confidence knowing the ones with the ZOHRAN label have been made by a company truly dedicated to natural products

Honey on Figs


Anil Singh

Bangalore, Karnataka

Great choice of honey. Couple of them will order again. Love the fact that the honey is....

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