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Kashmiri Multiflora Honey Health Benefits and Uses:

  • Routine use of Kashmiri Multiflora honey is a part of your healthy lifestyle.
  • It rejuvenates the whole body. ...
  • Relieves cough symptom.
  • Its antioxidants prevent many diseases.
  • Relives cough cold and sore throat.
  • It calms your mind and has a sedative effect.


Without Lable Also available for Brand Owners

Buy from Us Raw Pure organic Honey and Put Your Own brand Lable


Note: For Without Lable MOQ 16 pcs for 500g & 25 pcs for 300g (each item)

Natural Kashmiri Multiflora Honey

PriceFrom ₹270.00

Shop Minimum MRP 16700 & GET40% Distributor Margin

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