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Easy to Digest | Fibre & Calcium Rich | No salt No Sugar

Age Limit: 6months to 99 years


  • It's high in iron for brain health
  • It has the power of mighty magnesium
  • It's brimming with B Vitamins
  • It aids in growth and development
  • It contains several other key vitamins and minerals
  • It's protein-packed
  • It's high in carbohydrates and healthy fats
  • It's easy for baby to digest
  • It prevents constipation and gassiness
  • It helps baby know when they are full
  • It helps strengthen the immune system
  • It promotes healthy eating!

Kids Talbina With Dry Fruits Powder 400g - Free Honey


Shop Minimum MRP 16700 & GET40% Distributor Margin

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