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Combo - Honey & Cashew


Cashew and honey make nature’s original candy. For an ultimate taste treat, mix them together and indulge in the taste. Cashew & Honey is prepared by infusing cashew into raw honey. Consuming Cashew, Almond & Honey on a daily basis gives us many health benefits. It has special properties which help in protecting and fight against heart diseases.


It improves:

  • Cholesterol profile
  • Immunity levels
  • Food digestion
  • Improves the memory in growing children

It is treated as a ‘super food’ as it has a high amount of nutrients. It contains a nourishing combination of omega-3 fatty acids, vital elements like soluble and insoluble fiber content, vitamin E, potassium, omega 6-fatty acids, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and so on. It is fully-packed with different levels of antioxidants.

  • Especially increases the level of intelligence in kids
  • Sharpen the memory
  • Soaked cashew & almond with honey pack gives the face a fresh and new look

Buy it from us and experience and enjoy all the benefits it provides you and your family. Here Are Some benefits of honey.


Benefits of Honey:

  • Wounds and burns healing
  • Antibiotic
  • Cough cure
  • Battery ingestion
  • Controlling side effects of radiation therapy or chemotherapy
  • Treatment for seasonal allergies due to pollen


Without Lable Also available for Brand Owners

Buy from Us Raw Pure organic Honey and Put Your Own brand Lable


Note: For Without Lable MOQ 16 pcs for 500g & 25 pcs for 300g (each item)

Zohran Natural Forest Honey with Cashew

PriceFrom ₹425.00

Shop Minimum MRP 16700 & GET40% Distributor Margin

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